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Connect 1.8″ TFT SPI to Arduino UNO

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Test TFT connected to Arduino with the text “Scidle.com”

 If you are thinking of doing a project with Arduino UNO and need to view data without having to show them through a serial or USB port on your computer, you’ll need a small screen or display. Let’s see how to use a TFT 1.8″ by SPI. It is not designed for use with an Arduino UNO so its I/O ports do not work 3.3V but 5V. What it allows is powered at 5V, in fact if we feed it to 3.3V for use with an Arduino Nano or 3V Trinket have to short the JP1 connection to not use the voltage regulator that powers both the TFT as the SD card. In this case we will not use the SD Card, but also works at 3.3V, although explain its use in another entry.

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