Stopclickbait: change Clickbait headlines to an honest headlines

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Clickbait Headlines

Every day it is more common for news pages to use Clickbait headlines to induce users to click on their news using dishonest headlines. To avoid this type of deception we have developed a Userscript that changes the headline of the news to a headline more appropriate to the news to which it links. Here’s how to install it and how it works.

By using Userscripts we can execute custom functions on web pages. In this case we will use them to modify the headlines that we are suspected of using clickbait techniques.

Once installed simply click on the right mouse button on the headline we want to change and click on the ‘Change clickbait Headline’ option. In the following videos we have several examples of how it works on different news pages, in English and Spanish.

Stopclickbait: working in english websites

Stopclickbait: working in spanish websites


Before proceeding with the installation we must take some preliminary steps to be able to use it.

Obtain Algorithmia’s credentials

The first thing is to register in Algorithmia and get a custom API Key to make use of the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) algorithms. Algorithmia offers us 5000 free monthly credits. Each time we make a change headline request, we will spend one credit.

Install Greasemonkey in Firefox

To use Usercripts we need to install an add-on that allows us to manage them. One of them is Geasemonkey, to install it click in this link. You must take into account that to complete the installation you will need to restart Firefox.

Download Stopclickbait Userscript from Github

To share more easily we’ve upload the UserScript Stopclickbait to Github. You can clone the project with git or download it from this link.

Add your API Key to Stopclickbait

The next step is to modify the userscript by adding the Key API that you obtained when register in Algorithmia. Change the XXXXXXXXXXXX of line 27 by your API key.

Add Stopclickbait to Greasemonkey

Once the userscript has been modified with your API Key we have to add it to Greasemonkey. The easiest way to add it is by clicking on: Tools>>Greasemonkey>>New User Script

Fill in the form fields:

  • Name: Stopclickbait
  • Includes: *

If you want the userscript not to run on all pages, change the Includes field to the pages where you want it to run, instead of the asterisk. Putting one page per line.

Then paste all the code downloaded and modified with your API key.

Once all these steps have been completed, the Usercript Stopclickbait will be installed.

How to use it

As we saw earlier just by right-clicking on the headline we want to change the context menu will be displayed and the ‘Change Clickbait Headline’ option will appear, Click in this option and in a couple of seconds the headline will change. As it appears in the video that we included previously.

How Stopclickbait works

The behaviour is very simple, when we click on the ‘Change Clickbait Headline’ option of the context menu the script will extract the link on which we want to make the change of headline and It will send to Algorithmia, then it will return a brief summary of the news using Neuro-Linguistic programming algorithms.

From this summary we extract one of the sentences of the end, since it is the one that will contain the conclusions of the article, and will change it by the headline that had previously. And so we will have a more honest headline than the original Clickbait headline.

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