Install Pro Trinket in Ubuntu

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Pro Trinket V3

Pro Trinket V3

Following the appearance of Arduino increased the number of open-source hardware devices to develop affordable to the general public. An example is Pro Trinket and Trinket,  that like Arduino has a ATmega328 microcontroller and a bootloader that allows you to load your programs directly to the board via USB. But the outstanding features are its ability to connect directly to a battery from 5v to 15v (in the case of the V3 trinket from 3.5v to 16v) and especially its small size. All this makes it ideal for small projects that run with a battery. We can also load programs through the Arduino IDE and 95% of Arduino programs designed to run on Trinket directly, the rest have to change the settings for some pins or not enough space for storage in other cases.

To use with Arduino IDE we have to make a small modification to the boards.txt file in the installation directory Arduino IDE, which is in /arduino/hardware/boards.txt.
In the case of Ubuntu are in: /usr/share/arduino/hardware/boards.txt

To change this I will use gedit, but you can use any text editor. Root permissions are needed for editing, so we have to use sudo.

sudo gedit /usr/share/arduino/hardware/arduino/boards.txt
We will have to introduce this piece configuration, the position at which the put will determine the position in which it appears in the menu in the Arduino IDE to select it. Trinket 5V/16MHz (USB)
 I‘ve put the first position as you can see in the screenshot:
Añadido Trinket a Arduino IDE mediante board.txt

Add Trinket to Arduino IDE in board.txt

We have already completed the changes, now I have the option of Pro Trinket 5V / 16MHz (USB) in the drop down menu Arduino IDE is in: Tools >> Boards >> Pro Trinket 5V / 16MHz (USB) in addition there will be a choice as Programmer USBtinyISP, we will find it in: Tools >> Programmer >> USBtinyISP.

To upload programs, once Trinket connected via USB, we have to press the reset button of Trinket first, so start from scratch bootloader that for a few seconds awaits you supply a program via USB, once past that time start the program that has saved. I recommend you start with a first test with the program blink on and off the LED connected to pin 13.


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