How to create a GIF from a video with Linux

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Extract GIF from video with mplayer.

Extract GIF from video with mplayer.

If you‘ve ever wanted to extract a GIF from a video and you did not know how to do this, we propose a simple way to do it with Linux. you have no excuses to generate your own GIFs of your favorite videos.

First you must have installed mplayer, if you do not have it yet. With just one command, setting the values of the parameters described below, you can extract a GIF from a video file.

$ mplayer VIDEO -ss INI -endpos END -vo gif89a:fps=FRAMES:output=OUT -vf scale=WID:HEIGHT -nosound


  • VIDEO: video file you want to extract the GIF.
  • INI: start time, in seconds, from which to begin the GIF.
  • END: end time, in seconds, which will end the GIF.
  • FRAMES: images per second of the GIF.
  • OUT: GIF name.
  • WID:  GIF pixels wide
  • HEIGHT: GIF pixels height.

And that’s all, now you can dedicate yourself to extract your own GIF from any video you want.

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